About Regina

I am a relationship, intimacy, and sexuality coach, as well as empowerment educator, whose passion is to explore the history, present, and future of interpersonal relationships, especially as they relate to gender identity, sexual orientation, and exploration of any and all sexual desires.

As a philosopher, wife, mother, therapeutic coach, and non-monogamist, with an M.A. in Philosophy from California State University of Sacramento, I continue to nurture a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies of relationships, which often lead to dissatisfaction, uncoupling, self-blame, shame and shaming, as well as traumatizing sexual and romantic connections. An enthusiast and advocate for maximizing fulfillment in all aspects of the emotional self, I focus my inquiries on how initial connections to Mother and Father set the stage for future connections to family, friends, lovers, colleagues, and children. I believe that connection/attachment wounds or deficiencies illuminate adult challenges in this area and can, with examination and practice, using somatic and cognitive exercises, be re-nurtured to lessen the effects of an original connection/attachment shortfall. Drawing from training in the Somatica philosophy of intimacy and sexuality coaching, the Hakomi model of psychotherapy, the Awareness Institute practice of ownership of one’s experience and anger and shame release, the Human Awareness Institute discipline of self-love, I strive to share what I’ve learned and keep learning from others, especially the people with whom I practice the craft.

I lead therapeutic sessions for individuals, couples, and families, coaching the tools that I’ve seen provide myself and others with the ability to know and love one’s self and others more fully and deeply. I believe that discovering one’s sore spots, triggers, desires, passions, weaknesses and strengths will lead to a more satisfying existential experience. The Wise Hedonist can seek sustainable pleasure in all things, with love, mindfulness, moderation, honesty, and the courage to take risks that might allow all of our dreams to come true.

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